Frequently Asked Questions

Do you carry listings of particular properties?

Definitely No. We don't represent or advertise any type of property on behalf listing agents. We work together with the buyer, and through a questionnaire ask which are his or her investment needs. Once we understand this we propose an action plan for the buyer to approve. In order to start looking for properties on the buyer's behalf, a Buyer Representation Agreement needs to be signed. 

If no property convinces me, do I still have to pay for your services?

Actually, No. If none of the properties proposed convince the buyer to move forward, no fees are owed to us.  This is why working with our company is a no-risk approach for investors trying to acquire commercial property in the United States.

How much do you charge for a single consultation?

There's no charge for the initial consultation. Our first call would be one to know each other, ask for as many information and details as possible to learn investors' plans. A questionnaire is provided as well to guarantee everybody is on the same page about what needs to be done.

Why shouldn't I go directly with the listing agent and save myself your fee?

You can certainly do that, many people do. However, you need to understand that the listing agent doesn't have your best interest in mind and doesn't have a fiduciary duty to you, since the agent is not working for you; he or she works for the seller, the owner of the property, and will try to get all the benefits and the best deal possible to his or her client, not you.

Besides that tremendous disadvantage, it is cumbersome and inconvenient for investors living abroad to gather and verify the truthfulness of the property's documentation, follow due diligence and keep all the related parts moving in order to arrive to a succesful closing date. During due diligence period, time is of the essence for the potential buyer to inspect the property, incorporate investment vehicle, secure financing, negotiate offer, etc.  All these activities have to be executed almost simultaneously to avoid losing the deal to another investor.

Turnkey Real Estate provides a one-stop shop that takes care of the complete buying process without the buyer having to travel or worried about execution. 

Do you focus on specific states or regions?

Our services cover all 50 states.

How do we submit or sign legal documents?

These days, digital signatures have the same legal effect as their written equivalents. We also provide the buyer with an investor portal where documents can be uploaded or downloaded with bank-level security so you don't have to worry about your privacy.

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