Top Benefits of Commercial Real Estate Investment

Controlled Appreciation

Small changes in an investment property, overtime can increase its value significantly.  This increase in value is called Appreciation, and it doesn't depend on the market, but on the property's performance itself. This also works as a hedge against inflation.

Tax Advantages For Maximum Returns

This is one of the biggest reasons people invest in real estate. These tax benefits, such as depreciation and mortgage interest deductions, allow you to keep more of the money your property makes, and minimize your taxable income.

Cash Flow

The cash generated by a real estate investment will always be a much larger percentage cash-on-cash return than any other investment. The reason for this is leverage.

Wealth Accumulation

Maximize wealth creation by using leverage to purchase your investments. Minimize out of pocket costs and control a large

number of properties.

Advantages of Multifamily Buildings

Types: Garden / Mid-Rise / High-Rise 
Classes: A, B and C
  • Larger Cash Flow
  • Loan and Insurance Simplicity
  • Risk and Competition Mitigation
  • Long-Term Value

Advantages of Retail Centers

Types: Strip / Shopping Center / Community / Power Center
  • Fewer Rules and Regulations
  • Stick to the Five F's of Retail: Fashion, Fitness, Food, Fun and Furniture
  • Flexible and adaptable space to fit different types of tenants
  • Minimum management required
*Very important to notice that thorough evaluation of potential tenants must be made in order to minimize rotation and risk

Advantages of Office Buildings

Types: Low / Mid-Rise / High-Rise 
Locations: Central Business District / Suburban
  • Flexible and adaptable space to fit different types of tenants
  • Location advantage
  • Communal areas and centralized support services for efficient operation (Copying, Kitchen, Mail, etc...)
  • Automation plays a big role in management's performance

Advantages of Industrial Warehouses

Types: Heavy Manufacturing / Light Assembly / Flex / Bulk
  • Lower operational risks and maintenance
  • Relatively stable supply and demand characteristics
  • Fewer market fluctuations and less turnover
  • E-commerce growth has increased demand for this type of space

We Help Buyers With All Types of Properties

Hotels, Mixed-Used Developments, Land, Special Purpose or any other type of commercial property that you need; we can assist you finding the right one for your project. We'll go through Due Diligence, Financing and Negotiation of offer and terms on your behalf. 

Remember, we work for you, the Buyer, Not the Seller!